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~Open mind zone~

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Hello! I'm onmyoji youkai. I'm 21 years old and a resident of New york City. I'm Latin American of puerto rican/salvadorian decent. I'm a calm and mellow person, easy to talk to, i'm pretty open minded and i can talk about anything. I'm can be hot tempered but only when i feel the right to be angry. But I'm not always am, I'm mostly mellowed out.
I'm an anime fan and a yaoi fan. My favorite mangaka are the Clamp girls. I love their art and stories.
My favorite shows are family guy, futurama, naruto, teenage mutant ninja turtles, xxxholic, The grim tales of billy and mandy, South park, Animaniacs, Inspector Gadget, Rocko's modern life,
In my Blog, i talk about the major events that's going on in my life as a a n00b at being an adult and release some stressful topic that i can't find anyone to talk about with. Just regular stuff. Rants and thoughts.

[ Deviantart accountGaiaonline accountYoutube account ]

These are some of the websites that i'm a member of. Just to name a few.

Have a Nice Day~!

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